Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Repeating Myself - DBTC

Here I sit,
Laptop in hand,
Keys at tips,
My own tapping band.

Reading and writing,
Beating and rapping,
Creating and typing,
Clicking and tapping,

When I look back at old chapters
and realize with a start
I'm literally re-writing the last one
I've had a damn brain fart

Hours wasted
As I wipe the page clear
I'll have to try again tomorrow
And keep my old chapters a little more near

So sorry for a lack of a Smithy chap
I really meant to put one out
But it seems I'm repeating myself
I think I need to go and pout


  1. Pout to your heart's content. See you tomorrow.

  2. You can only hope the rewrite is better and you can use that one instead...

  3. haha no need to pout
    May look like a trout
    Can't have that
    Could get hooked where you're at

  4. There's no pouting in writing.

    Yeah, I'm afraid there is.

  5. Well shoot. Tomorrow's a new chapter, right? ;-)

  6. Very witty. It happens, sometimes you just can't think of a thing to write.