Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Looking Ahead - Journal/DBTC

First and foremost, allow me to apologize. I know that we had no post yesterday and today isn't any new fictional content. Unfortunately, yesterday just proved that life happens and by the time I was able to even get near my computer, I ended up deciding that bed was the better option. The end result was no post and no research. How sad.

That said though, I was discussing the upcoming holiday with my wife, the beautiful and talented Fabulosaurus and she told me that she was considering doing "InkTober". If you don't know what this is, it's when some artists dedicate themselves to doing a new piece of art every day. Well, I'm already trying to do that ANYWAY, but this got me thinking to last year when I did "SpookyTober". If you weren't around, "Spookytober" is dedicated to writing nothing but spooky stuff for the entire month of October.

I'm thinking I might do that again.

As a whole, it added to the fun of the upcoming holiday. It was silly but a blast and really helped dedicate me as a writer. I had to focus my talents to one specific area versus letting them wander. Plus, at the end of the day, I really do love doing spooky and creepy stuff. So, I'm thinking that might be in the works come the beginning of October.

Anyone want to join us?


  1. What a fun idea :) You should def do that.
    Which reminds me...I should find at least one spooky book for October

  2. Hi Robert - Spooky and Creepy ... I'm sure you'll have a few converts. It'll be interesting to read ... hope life sorts itself out ... cheers Hilary

  3. I will read with immense pleasure. Which probably says things about me that are better kept hidden.
    I too hope that life sorts itself out.

  4. I love spooky and creepy stuff, too. Focusing on that for a whole month definitely seems like a fun challenge. Good luck!

  5. Spooky Tober. Catchy!
    I've always done best with NaNo or some other commitment. I could do that. Won't be able to post to my blog though - if I came up with something decent, I couldn't send it to them if I'd already posted it on my blog.

  6. Sounds like fun to give a go. That cat has a post ready to go every day until next october, so we'd have to wait until 2017 lol

  7. But, Robert, your writing is always spine-tingling(ly) spooky:) (And that's a compliment)
    I checked out your wife's website. She's very talented!

  8. Have fun with that. I'm not big on the spooky. I prefer my Halloween cute.