Sunday, December 11, 2016

Optic Neuritis

Hello Lovelies,

Once again another week passes, and once again I'm suddenly missing. I want to apologize but this time I also want to give a more detailed explanation.

As it were, I ended up in the hospital once again.

However, rather than just telling you I was there, I feel you deserve a little bit more of an explanation. I suffer from an inflammatory disorder that has been tormenting me for a few years now. Most often, it results in what's calling 'Myofascial Syndrome', which is a fancy way of saying I have chronic muscular pain; most commonly in my back and shoulders. It's regularly treated through steroidal injections and interventions, but it's one of those things you just have to live with. This is most commonly related to my sudden disappearances although there have been exceptions.

However, this last Thursday, I woke up with pain in my left eye. I didn't think much of it at the time, pain being relatively normal for me and it wasn't the first time. Probably just slept weird and had my eye open or something. I thought. However, on my drive to work, I suddenly lost vision in that eye. From there, you can guess where I headed.

Arriving at the hospital, they quickly realized that my left eye was not dilating and, when it was, it was doing so very poorly. While there, I was subjected to a number of tests including several MRI's, blood tests, and examinations. I also got to see an optometrist and, after even more tests, he's concluded that I'm likely suffering from Optic Neuritis.

In short, it's relatively rare condition that results in inflammation of the optic nerve. It most often is associated with those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, however it does happen to those with inflammatory disorders. Read: me.

So, while I get to go back and deal with the optometrist for more tests over the course of the next two weeks, that's the current belief. If it is the case, I have one of three possibilities. One) My left eye will improve on its own. Two) I get to undergo a steroidal treatment to help my eye heal; a process I'm already familiar with and don't react well to...but can be managed. Or Three) I permanently lose vision in my left eye.

This is not meant to make any of you feel bad for me, but simply give you a more detailed explanation as to my disappearance. I intend to continue working on Xenophobia and HOPEFULLY maintain it on a regular schedule. However, I felt it was much more important to me personally that you all understand why I haven't maintained my promised schedule. You deserve better and I wanted to give you that.

I hope everyone else is well. I'm working on Xenophobia and, if it's not posted tonight, it will be Monday or Tuesday. Be safe and I love you all.

- RB


  1. I sure hope your sight returns all on its own and nothing further is necessary. We're thinking of you, get well soon.

  2. I hope your sight returns on its own. Sorry to hear about your troubles. And to be honest, I enjoy when a new chapter pops up on my reader, but I don't worry too much when it doesn't. That's the beauty of having a blog reader--I don't miss posts. Write when you can. We'll wait. Patience is a virtue.

  3. I am sorry. Having MS I am aware of it, and it scares me. I hope that yours subsides on its own. Quickly.

  4. What a scary situation to be in! I also suffer from an inflammatory disorder, but mine is of the gut. I don't do steroids, but get biologic infusions every 8 weeks. Now I am worried that I need to start paying closer attention to any eye issues. Please, do keep us updated on how this is progressing, or if it heals on its own. Fingers crossed, no medical intervention will be necessary for it!

  5. Prayers that your vision in that eye returns on its own. No worries on the chapters. I'm not a fast reader anyway.

  6. Hopefully the vision comes back. My left one went kaput a few times too. Ozone injections and watching what I eat fixed it. Inflammatory and nerve crap sucks indeed.

  7. Well damn, I have a lot of health problems too so I know how bad it can be. I hope it clears up and you are alright.

  8. Hi Robert - should have got here earlier .. but challenges here I need/ed to deal with ... but having read this - I'm grateful for the information ... and to know about the 'disease' - let's hope the first option is the one that happens. How very difficult as too the condition itself.

    Take care - but I see you've put the next Xenophobia chapter up ... just do what needs to be done and no more?! Cheers and with thoughts - Hilary

  9. Oh, gosh, that's terrible. So sorry you now have to worry about your eye on top of everything else. Keeping my fingers crossed that your eye will end up healing on its own!

  10. I'm sorry to hear you also suffer from an inflammatory disorder. Mine is of the lungs.