Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Smithy - Chap 3

   It seemed to Tristan that he had only just closed his eyes when he was woken by a knock on the door. Looking around, he realized that the night had already given way to morning. His entire body was stiff and hurt so severely that he could barely push himself up.
    With a tired and pained groan, he called out, “Come in.”
    The little wooden door opened and Ailla stuck her head inside, adorned with her mop of red and curly hair and bright, emerald green eyes.
    “Well Hello there,” she said with a soft smile. Stepping inside, she closed the door softly behind her before settling upon the bed. “Hagon tells me you had one of your attacks last night.”
    Tristan’s cheeks flushed with something between anger and embarrassment and he felt himself drawing his knees up to his chest. The attacks had been getting worse and, while none of them truly understood what was happening, it only made him feel worse to be singled out this way. Not to mention, he didn’t like the idea of Hagon swapping stories, even if it was with Ailla.
    “Oh stop.” She said, lightly slapping him on the shoulder. “We’ve known each other since we were babes. You’ve nothing to be blushing over.”
    “I know.” Tristan said weakly, trying to unclench his body which was unconsciously going into the fetal position. “I just don’t know what to do.”
    Ailla nodded. They’d had these conversations a few times now and it was no mystery that Tristan was feeling more and more depressed. Each time he became a little more hopeless.
    “You already know the answer.” She said, still trying to keep that same smile as she spoke.
    “Whitecrest.” He said almost under his breath.
    Ailla nodded once more, this time in agreement.
    “I just don’t know...” he continued. “What if something happens on the trip there? What if the magisters aren’t able to find whatever’s wrong and they just tell me that they don’t know how to help?”
    “And what if the magisters have a fix that they can whip up in a matter of seconds while you’re sitting here moping in your bedroom?”
    Tristan didn’t answer right away. He looked from Ailla to the sparse decorations of his little room. The walls were hard wood. Barren except for a pair of tongs and a hammer he had hung on either side of his window. His clothes were tightly packed away in a small chest at the foot of his bed. It struck him for some reason that his room was basically empty. He never felt the desire to decorate.
    “You’re right, Ailla.” He said as he drew his attention back to her. “Of course you’re right. It’s just…”
    She reached over and gingerly lifted his chin with one finger so that they might look each other in the eyes.
    “I know, love. But Whitecrest is only a couple days travel. We can get you in and out and back here before you know it.”
    Looking into those emerald green eyes, Tristan couldn’t help but feel a little better. He’d known Ailla almost all of their lives and there was always something that made his heart soften and his worries calm. He’d considered more than once attempting to court her, but he never had the heart to go through with it.
    “Alright.” He said, agreeing with her once again.
    They sat in silence for a few moments, looking at each other. That soft smile never left her face. The longer he looked, the more his own lips curled into a smile to match her own. Finally, he let out a long sigh.
    “You’re right, you’re right.” Tristan said with a nod.
    “Of course I am.”
    “Of course you are.” He echoed with a soft chuckle.
    Ailla raised an eyebrow and tilted her head playfully. “Are we going somewhere with this or…?”
    “Breakfast?” he asked quickly.
    “Do you want breakfast?”
    “First you compliment me, next you feed me. If you’re not careful, I might not leave.” She said slipping off his bed and helping him up as well.
    Tristan’s smile got bigger at the thought, but he said nothing further as he followed her to the kitchen. Instead, he elected to listen as she made small talk, telling him about her morning, about meeting Hagon, and about Hagon recanting the tale of the night before. It still irked him to think that he was a topic of gossip, but couldn’t help but feel better that Ailla had come to wake him. Somehow, it made the sun shine just a little brighter.


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  1. Thank you. I hope you can find the impetus to continue - because I want to know more. (Greedy aren't I?)

    1. Greed is a good enough reason for me. My wife's greed is what made me keep writing this story.

  2. Hopefully the spark lives on as it is still there in your writing indeed.

    1. Thank you. I will certainly try to keep it rolling. haha

  3. It's hard when inspiration goes missing, isn't it? Enjoyed the read!

  4. I really like these two, these characters work well together.

    1. I'm glad that you like them! I intend to play with your emotions if that's the case. :)

  5. Enjoyed reading your post. We can grow more by inspiration.

  6. Dude, wake up and do something about that. Both your condition and her!