Thursday, September 17, 2015


Hey everyone,

So, it's no mystery that we've been missing in the action for the last couple of weeks. There are a few reason for this. First and foremost, I've been re-examining my writing styles and habits and dwelling on what can be done to improve them. Secondly, I've been considering what I really want this to BE moving forward.

To start, we will be relocating all of our websites/social media in favor of something more meaningful. I wouldn't be the first author to admit that I've been nervous to truly but my name on things...thus why I hid behind "Sins Unwritten". I am changing this now to reflect my own works as "R.B. Publishing".

Next, I will not be able to guarantee daily updates. While I will work on building a backlog of something (maybe writing prompts), I will not work off the false promise of absolute and constant updates. I will definitely favor towards regular updating, I just don't want to give the false promise that it will be daily.

Third, I want to do more than just sharing my writing. I already touched on this a bit with the writing prompts, but there are a number of things that can be done here. Writing prompts, stories, poetry, book reviews, and maybe even some kind of hub where other authors and even people looking to hire authors might come together. Please note, this later idea is still in the planning stages and might pop up later rather than sooner.

And that's about it. If you'd like to continue to follow our works and what is to come, the respective websites can be found below.

We thank you again and hope you enjoy!

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