Friday, September 8, 2017

Updates on What's to Come

Hello Lovelies,

I considered trying to put this on the Twitter account but realized it would just take too long with the character limit. So, with that said, there's a few things oncoming.

First and foremost, I know that the stories regarding Braum Stormforge were relatively well received. It seemed like everyone really enjoyed it and, as such, I'm going to be continuing to do little 'adventure tales' regarding Braum's life on the road. So keep your ear to the ground regarding that.

Secondly, in that same vein, I intend to fill out and release a "character overview", i.e. a list of character generating questions to help me personally get to know exactly who I'm dealing with. Recently, I've been encouraged by my beautiful wife (as she is want to do) to try and expand my capabilities and horizons. While the original topic at hand was regarding making my characters more relateable and interesting in my stories, it gave me pause overall. You should be seeing something very soon with regards to a more character driven story (namely in the vein of my normal writing style, i.e. monsters and horror)...but more on that to come.

Last, but certainly not least, with regards to the game I've been working on, code-named 'Uncanny Valley'. I've run into a little bit of a roadblock when it comes to working on it because I simply can't seem to wrap my head the dialogue issue. As it stands, it's not the coding that's stopping me, but the writing (yea...didn't expect to run into THAT). The dialogue feels very hollow and false and I think it's because I'm unable to picture the world around it and really what's going on.

So I'm going to try something different.

As already mentioned, I'm intending to do bits and pieces of the Chornicles of Braum. However I think I'm also going to try to novelize things for Uncanny Valley if for no other reason to help me visualize everything that's going on. Story board doesn't seem QUITE like the right terminology and it's definitely not going to be a permanent product (although I guess what is), but I feel like having it written down novel style like I'm used to will make me more comfortable to explore the world around the characters. Obviously there's no way for me to really explore ALL of the dialogue options in one shot, but I feel like this will, at the very least, let me wander through the primary story.

At that's it for the day Lovelies. I hope you enjoyed and expect more to come very soon.

- RB


  1. You're busy. As for figuring out dialog, that sounds like a good plan. Keep at it until you figure out what works, and then keep doing that until it doesn't work any longer. Good luck.

  2. Good luck. As you stretch your wings/horizons I suspect new routes will reveal themselves - and demand new skills. Which I am confident you have.

  3. Wow, sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Best of luck with everything! The character overview sounds like an especially fun activity...

  4. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy.

  5. Hello Robert, when I started reading your post, I though you must live in Bristol (UK) as hello (my) lovelies is a common form of greeting in those parts, so I was surprised to see you live in California. Perhaps it’s often used in California too? Either way I like it as it’s a nice friendly way to start. I think I’m going to enjoy your blog.

  6. Hey busy boy! Make sure to breathe! Wishing you much success!