Sunday, September 10, 2017

Please be Safe - Hurricane Irma

Hello Lovelies,

I was working on the first entry to the 'Uncanny Valley' novelization piece (for helping me build the game), but I couldn't rightfully find the will to finish until I tapped this out.

Right now, my fellow Americans, literally millions of Floridians, are being pounded by one of the worst storms known to man and the worst hurricane to ever hit the United States. Millions are without power. It's getting dark. The winds are tearing apart the countryside, devastating homes, and have already killed a number of people both through direct damage and through attrition by emergency services being unable to save them.

Please. Be safe.

It's unlikely that any of the men or women being subjected to this will read this until afterwards, but I really do wish you the best that I can. The millions of people that will be without power will be experiencing a different beast all together when they are trapped in darkness with the hurricane pressing in. While I'm a fan of things that go bump in the night, when you don't know whether that bump is something that's about to tear through your home, that's a level of fear I don't want wished upon any of you.

Not only that, but Texas, Cuba, the Caribbeans, and more have already been devastated by these events. Texas by the recent Hurricane Harvey and Cuba, the Caribbeans, and many more island nations by Irma. Millions more have been rendered homeless, jobless, carless, and have been stripped of their worldly possessions after days of torture by the onslaught.

What am I asking here? What am I saying?

Please. If you're in the storm. I beg you: stay safe. If you've been hit by the storm, know that there are men and women that are here and will try to help how we can. And for those of you watching this on the news like me, I ask that you take a minute from your day and see if there's anything you can offer for these people. If you can give your time to go and help these ravished communities, that's amazing. If you can give money to help them rebuild, that's wonderful. If you can give blood to help those hurt, that's fantastic.

And again, if you're in the storm...please be safe.

I know this is far from my normal post and more of a ramble, but I've been watching this footage for going on twelve hours, not to mention the destruction in the Caribbean and Cuba, and my heart goes out.

If any of you know charities or way to help, please share. Additionally, if you intend to give blood, don't forget that blood has a shelf life and while giving at the time of crisis is wonderful, giving a month later is even more helpful.

Oh...and Hurricane Jose might be right behind it...

Please be safe everyone.

- RB


  1. Heartbreaking stuff.
    My heart goes out to everyone (across the world) affected by weather extremes. And echoing Alex. Stuff is just that.

  2. Its so scary. I do hope and pray for everyone there.

  3. What a heartfelt post. The situation is beyond frightening isn't it?

  4. Hi Robert - I sure hope people have looked after themselves - Hilary

  5. Hopefully everyone gets out of its way and to safety indeed.

  6. God's is trying to tell us all something ~~~~~~ my grandmother always said; kid; you have nothing to fear on this earth...but mother nature ~~~~~

  7. Terrifying what is happening. I have family in Florida and to say this storm has us all worried is quite an understatement :(

  8. I'm hoping everyone affected is safe right now, too. Can't imagine what it must be like to be in the path of a storm like this...

  9. This was a huge storm and Jose is still on its way. I feel bad for all those affected.

  10. This was a thoughtful post filled with heartfelt concern. Well, now we know the damage this storm has caused. I have friends in Florida still without power, but they are doing ok.

    I am concerned about the changing climate and these power storms.

  11. It is so frightening! A very thoughtful post! Prayers going out to all who have been affected!

  12. Thanks. The hurricane destroyed part of Havana, especially the section near the seawall. That's where I grew up. It was sad to see the devastation. Thanks for your spot.

    Greetings from London.

  13. This was an excellent post.
    Help will be needed for some time to come and we must never forget this.

    My thoughts are with all those who have been affected and are trying to pick up the pieces of their lives.

    All the best Jan

  14. Luckily we live far away from where hurricanes hit (although Sandy came through many years ago). We do contribute to charities like the Red Cross.