Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What's to Come?

Hello Lovelies,

First and foremost, let me throw out a belated 'Happy Father's Day'. I realized that I totally forgot to account for it this last Sunday and didn't schedule properly. Instead, I posted the final entry for 'Heat'. So, with that said, I hope everyone enjoyed their day with their dads or in memory thereof and sorry for my absent-mindedness.

Now, speaking of 'Heat'...

I'm glad that you all seemed to enjoy it. I believe that some of you already were told/realized this, but 'Heat' is actually intended to be part of a larger universe. More specifically, the same universe that my previous story 'Lost' was set in. I decided to explore just what the beasts were that Cecilia faced in her horrible exploration of that doomed ship. I fleshed them out in my mind and thought of a new scenario to introduce them outside of the writing-experiment that was 'Lost'.

The fun part? There's more to come.

It's no surprise to anyone that knows me that I'm a big fan of short stories. I like trying to make my stories punch hard and grab you by the shirt. Often, this is done in the vein of creature features, horror, or drama, and it lends itself to being problematic in making a single, arching story that people can hold on to. With that said, simply selling short stories or a compilation of short stories is always kind of so-so. Loosely knit together concepts aren't super interesting as a whole and short stories aren't economically worthwhile to readers.

So, I wanted to play with that idea.

Books like 'World War Z' and 'Bug Hunt' are actually tied together through short stories DESPITE being considered whole books. I might give this a swing with the 'Lost' universe. While I'll definitely need to think of a better name for the overarching tale, I feel like this is an interesting way to take a punch of different viewpoints and different short stories with different themes and tones and put it together into an interesting and comprehensive story.

Will it work? Who knows. Will it be fun to explore whatever these 'things' are? Definitely.

Thanks for joining us, Lovelies. We'll see you again soon.

- RB


  1. Ohh, well that makes sense. I'm a little slow and didn't connect the two until now. lol

  2. Good luck - and have fun on your exploration expeditions.

  3. Hi Robert - good luck with the directions you decide to follow - cheers Hilary

  4. And you could try to get any of them published in magazines or ezines. It's a thought.

  5. Yes, definitely good luck ...
    I do like your header.

    All the best Jan