Saturday, April 1, 2017

Follow Up: Religion in Space

Hello Lovelies,

So, after some heated discussion with someone, I realized that I might need to add some clarification to my last post regarding religion in space. While I won't go into the finer details, the essence of the conversation went about like this...

"Why in the HELL are you talking about people's religions?! You have
 a writing blog! Stick to your stupid little stories and don't pick fights!"

While this is not the direct quote, this is definitely the gist of what started the conversation. With that said, allow me to clarify.

I run a writing blog. I live under the belief that any topic within human existence can be focused on in writing. How they are handled will naturally be up to the author and based on the author the approach can be well-done or it can be offensive. The existence of a subject should not be a reason to start a fight with someone.

The fact that Muslim individuals might face an odd circumstance based on a currently followed belief is not trying to pick on Muslims. The face that Christian individuals are currently the most commonly represented religions in most science fiction novels/books/movies is not trying to pick on Christians. Pointing out observations and considerations is not attempting to be bigotted. Only applying hateful thoughts to those works is.

With that said, allow me to answer the first part of the question, "Why?" Religion, at least within our current context, is a huge part of human culture. It exists. Whether you consider one, some, all, or none to be good or bad, it exists. And, as it exists, it very well may be a source of inspiration for some people in their writing. Personally, I haven't chosen to focus too heavily on the topic in my own writing because I haven't had a story come to heart that was inspired by the topic. But that doesn't mean if there's a potentially interesting idea I think it should simply be ignored.

In short, what I'm saying is to two fold. First, to the writers: don't censor yourself if you've got a story to tell and it might be a sensitive topic. People can and will find things to get angry about. Sometimes they're very justified. Sometimes they aren't.

Second, to those that were offended: I'm sorry you took it the wrong way. The act of addressing a concept, of talking about a thing that exists, is not hate. If I ever spoke in a demeaning or hateful fashion on this topic or any other, you're more than welcome to point it out. But the act of simply talking about a subject that some people aren't necessarily comfortable with, whether it's because you're for or against it, doesn't make that topic any less viable. Again, for the people in the back: acknowledging something's existence is not being hateful. So once more, I'm sorry we don't see eye to eye, but I don't believe in hiding from something like religion just because it's a touchy topic.

With that said, I'll get off my soap box. I'm hoping I didn't scare too many away, but I needed to say my peace. Whether it was meant that way or not, I don't take kindly to being bullied over what I originally thought of as a largely inoccuous and academically interesting concept.

I hope you have a pleasant day and will hopefully see you again soon.


  1. Most of the world believes in God in one form or another. Your questions and thoughts were valid. This Christian took no offense.

  2. I found your original post about religion in space to be pretty interesting. I must be shallow and superficial because I found nothing in either the post or the comments to be offensive.

    1. I agree in that I originally had seen no harm and just found it interesting. The argument against it wasn't directed in the commentary but it was what it was. I figured I'd address the issue if more people had issues. :/

  3. I agree 100%. I'm quite sensitive to Muslim prejudice (living in Egypt and all...), but found none in your last post. The Argue-er seems thin-skinned and narrow-minded, but such is the world we live in today. People watch some TV and listen to Grandpa spout off and assume they are now an expert on a subject. I hope things change...

  4. Your blog, and your call. Critics do what they do best, but ...
    I found it fascinating, but like Anne am obviously shallow and superficial.

  5. Damn, the cat must be ohhhh soooo bad, as he found nothing in it to be had. Pfffft the only one who can really offend you, is you. If some internet nutball got offended, then that is on them, not you.

  6. I really see nothing wrong with what you had said previously. You can talk about whatever you want. But there's really no need for someone else to get so riled up over it.

  7. I agree with you 100%. Two of the greatest sources of conflict in society are religion and class inequalities. Since writers are all about the conflict in stories, the two are bound to pay attention. Many fantasies and science fiction stories use religion as the conflict.

  8. The great thing about blogs is that there are millions of them out there. If someone doesn't agree with what you are writing about, there's always another one to move on to. This is your blog, your space to write about whatever your little heart desires. If one doesn't like it, move along...

  9. It was a very good question. And a lot of writers just leave religion out of stories rather than walk into that minefield. But you can't worry about how someone is going to take something you wrote. People will find ways to be offended if they choose to do so.