Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Hello Lovelies,

As you may have all realized by now, I'm a terrible human being. I'm constantly busy, I'm easily distracted, and I'm generally extremely self serving in that I often find myself more fascinated with little tasks and hobbies that are NOT writing when I should be writing.

One of those biggest distractions has and always will be Books.

Makes sense for a writer, eh?

All joking aside, I have a tendency towards reading A LOT. What I read is always questionable, but anyone who knows me knows that I'm inclined towards fantasy, science fiction, and many other fantastical settings that allow a level of creativity outside of everyday human living. But really, what point am I trying to make here?

In short, reading takes time and reading a LOT takes a LOT of time.

As mentioned before, I tend to be very busy and easily distracted. Books that interest me could be left on my shelf for months because I have other things to do. Like an of us, I have work, family obligations, a need to cook and clean, I go to the gym, etc. Given the opportunity, I'd love to be able to fill that time with a good book, but...ok, you get what I'm building up to here.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Audible, but I have to ask...ever used it?

I actually decided to try it a few months back; got the trial membership fully intending to just get a free book and then disable the account before my month was up. Even did...for a couple of weeks. Then I found myself going back. Again. And Again. And Again.

As a whole, the thing was just way too convenient. When would I listen to them, I asked? How about anytime I felt like it through my smartphone; most notably when I was at the gym, driving, or doing chores around the house. But I don't want to "stream" that much data, I said, thinking of my terrible wireless plan! Don't. Just download the book you want to your phone or computer whenever you're near WiFi and pound through it at your own convenience later on. But wouldn't it be weird listening to someone else read asked the narrator in my brain? Nah. If anything, some of my favorite ones so far have been good old fashioned audio dramas like they used to do on the radio some decades back. At the end of the day, many of the readers are very talented story tellers that add to the flavor of the book rather than take from it.

I bring all this up solely so you can give it a look if you haven't already. I actually had heard about Audible for years and just largely ignored it (primarily for the top three reasons mentioned above). I'm sorry I didn't check it out sooner. It's even inspired me to start looking into voice acting and audio books ideas for Xenophobia. If you love reading or stories and haven't checked it out, lemme be yet another person to encourage you to do so: it's definitely worth it to give the trial a shot.


  1. I got my mother into Audible as she prefers listening to books rather than the radio. As for me, when I'm doing things, I prefer to do them in silence. So, I've never gotten into narrated books.

  2. We enjoy it if the reader doing the reading is as good as the book deserves!

  3. My publisher put my books on audio and they are available on Audible. The same narrator did all of my books and he did an awesome job.

  4. I too am a bookaholic. And feel very little guilt. I have heard of Audible but not yet tried it. And will continue to resist for a while at least. I suspect I need to spend at least some of my day away from books...

  5. I know this isn't a paid advertisement, but damn, you sold me. I've always wanted to pull the trigger on this, but just been too lazy. I didn't realize this was so convenient, especially that you can download books (I don't have much data on my phone plan, either).

  6. My phone plan would kill me too, glad it can be downloaded. Still have tried though, maybe one day.

  7. I'm always listening to books on my phone so yes, I love audible. Great on eyesight too :)