Monday, November 7, 2016

Schedule Changes and New Writers

Hello Lovelies,

I wanted to take a moment today and address a change I intend on making. For anyone who has been following me for a while, you've surely noticed some ups and downs when it comes to making schedules. More recently, I have moved from trying to do something everyday to something every other day in favor of every other day.

There's a couple of reasons for this.

First off, when I was producing every day, my goal was just that: raw production. Keep myself working. Keep myself going. And just keep making THINGS. However, since I've started working on Xenophobia, I've had a different purpose. Writing for the purpose of telling and completing the story. It's a great deal more satisfying and allows for more structure without rampant randomness.

So, given I've had a number of changes recently from a medical and career standpoint, I'm going to embrace this change. My current goal is to produce every other day with the exception of Friday. This means that all new writings should be put out on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Three times a week. I feel it's a good goal that is more feasible to meet, more reliable for readers, and allows me to produce high quality content without tearing out my beard hair.

One last thing! I know once in a while, I've received the question of "why I call it RB Publishing"? The answer is: I never intended to work this alone, but rather as an opportunity to publish multiple authors. I wanted to use my own site and my own works to draw attention to other talented writers and artists. As such, I'm happy to say that we will be adding a wonderful young author to our midst in the coming days. I don't know how often she might join us, but keep an eye out for her works here soon. ;)

That's all for the day. I intend to put out the next chapter for Xenophobia tomorrow (per the schedule), but I felt it would be better to give you guys a proper journal entry than simply tacking it onto the bottom of the chapter. I hope all is well and wish you the best!

- RB


  1. Publishing even three times a week is more than my lazy self can manage.
    I am looking forward to the next Xenophobia installment (of course) and to being introduced to yet another writer to fuel my bookie lust.

  2. I found trying to go 5 days a week was way too much for me on top of family commitments. 3 is perfect for me, sometimes 2 if I just want to be lazy. It's all about finding your own personal perfect balance.

    I can't wait to see the works from your new author!

  3. I've had to change my schedule several times in the past, since I can only push myself so much before the quality of my work suffers. So, changing yours to just three times a week seems like a very wise choice to me. Best of luck with this new goal!

    And oh, I'll have to remember to check out Xenophobia one of these days. I've been so behind on blog-reading lately that I seem to have completely missed these installments!

  4. Looking forward to reading from the new author and getting more of this story we've been reading.

  5. Hi Robert - I started out blogging everyday, then when I had a base of readers I eased off .. and I'm pretty erratic, except that I post regularly ... just not regularly regularly ... if you get my drift.

    I think we need to adjust - so I'm glad to see you're making those changes ... I'll be around anyways! Cheers and take care - Hilary

  6. Those are good days to pick - slower in the blogging world, which means more reading.
    So you'll be publishing a book by another author? Very cool.

    1. Publishing works for the time being. Book production needs mo' money. haha

  7. Cool you have another author joining up. what works best posting wise is the way to be. Being ahead is what keeps me on task.

  8. Good to know. One should change one's schedule as one's life circumstances change. I know I do mine.

  9. Well we'll be here whenever you are because we don't want to miss anything!

  10. Thanks for the opportunity, Rob. I can't wait to contribute!

  11. Changes are a natural part of writing. And the chapter just gets better and better with each change. The chapter I'm on keeps getting changes. I hope it will be right soon.