Friday, October 2, 2015

Writer / Editor: For Hire

Writer / Editor
For Hire


To those that are interested: I would like to provide my services as both a 
Writer and an Editor. I have a great deal of experience in both avenues due
to my own personal interest in the field and have decided to share that
experience with those who desire it. Allow me to craft you a fantastical
story or simply help you clean up your own work of literary art.

        •  Writing (by word)
          • $3                         100 - 500 words
          • $5                        500 - 1000 words
          • $9                       1000 - 2000 words
          • $15       Per 2000 word increment above and beyond

        • Erotic / Pornographic Writing (by word)
          • $5                         100 - 500 words
          • $8                        500 - 1000 words
          • $14                     1000 - 2000 words 
          • $20       Per 2000 word increment above and beyond
        • Editing Services (by Hour)
          • $10            Copyediting / Proofreading
          • $15                    Transcription 
          • $20               Research / Fact Check

       Writing Competencies     

While I consider myself well-versed and highly adaptable, I am particularly
talented in the realm of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Erotica. These are the areas
that I have the strongest background and therefore where I have the most ease
in Writing and Editing. Any fields that I am unfamiliar with will be researched
professionally and thoroughly to insure accuracy and enjoyable material.
Additionally, I'm more than willing and able to produce either original content
or works directly related to other pieces of fiction (read: Fanfiction).

I am generally very easy-going with regards to writing restrictions, however I do
have two particular no-no's. First and foremost, any works that unironically and
blatantly spread a hateful and genocidal agenda towards any particular group of
individuals, living or dead. Two, any works of an erotic nature that feature extreme
sex acts including piss, shit, diapers, incest, vore, gore and pedophilia as these are 
unfamiliar and uncomfortable to me and are not a topic I desire to research.

      • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
      • All Payments must be made through Paypal for the security of both
        writer and customer.
      • You are welcome to contact me through any social media medium,
        however you can contact me directly at
      • Payment is to be provided before the final product is submitted
      • Projects that are canceled before completion will have a charge
        based on the percentage of work completed before cancellation.
        • E.G: a 2000 word project that has had 500 words written will
          be charged the respective $3 of a 500 word project.


  1. Not sure I'd ever want to go all erotic writing haha good luck with it all!

    1. Haha. I have a background with it and have actually published multiple series under different pen-names, so it didn't seem amiss to offer.

  2. Good luck! I'm a full-time should sign up for this newsletter. New jobs posted every day: There's also

  3. Wait, why is erotic more expensive? Shouldn't that be a treat for you? :)))
    I'm with Steph above, there are those sites which offer freelance writing jobs.

    1. Erotic is actually more taxing for me in the long run. Partially due to just having to get the scenes right but more so because it's quite the opposite of a treat. If I was writing for MYSELF it would be but consider that, in that instance, you need to approach it with a particular and professional eye to insure the commissioner's characters are what they want them to be versus being able to just have fun with it.